This Month

Today marks the first day of a month of celebration and remembrance. It’s also the perfect day to pop that collar and resolve to do more. It’s the perfect day to resolve to do better.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Let us remember those we’ve lost to breast cancer. Let us remember those we’ve lost to domestic violence.

Let us celebrate with those who’ve won the battle against breast cancer. Let us celebrate with those who’ve escaped domestic violence.

Let us stand with those who are fighting breast cancer today. Let us stand with those who are caught in throes of domestic violence today.

Unfortunately, we all know someone or we are that someone who is fighting both these demons.

Stand firm and fight hard. We’re in this together.

Kiss for a Cause

Most everyone knows that I’m a Mary Kay business owner. It is hard, hard work because it requires your unconditional presence. Most people see photos of professionally dressed women, with meticulously applied makeup, driving beautiful pink Cadillacs or those gorgeous black BMWs, but there’s a part of Mary Kay that few know about. That part of this amazing company is such a huge part of the reason I will always be a part of what can only be called a movement

My calling is to help other women who find themselves trapped in abusive relationships. I didn’t realize this was my purpose in life until I suffered and lived through a brain hemorrhage due to domestic abuse that should have taken my life. On that day in 2009, it became apparent to me that I had been spared in order to help others. People don’t usually survive aneurysms. They don’t. That day, I vowed to God that I would tell my story whenever possible and that I would focus on reaching women who would otherwise not know they aren’t alone. I asked Him to show me how to do that and that is when the shift of my blog posts began. Up until that time, most of my posts only alluded to my abusive situation but was primarily focused on my son and his adventures in sports.

I had already “tried” selling Mary Kay before, but I had never really put in the effort. I had not taken the time to think about the impact that I could have on women through selling lipstick and teaching about skin care. I will never forget the day that I had been fasting in an effort to hear God more clearly as I had been asking him for a job. It was early evening and the woman who was my Mary Kay director at the time called and gave me a scripture to read. She didn’t carry on a long conversation; she just gave me the scripture to read and hung up. I went back to praying after I hung up with her and I said to God, aloud, “I need a job, Lord. You know I need a job. Please show me what You want me to do.” Just as clearly as I hear my fingers tapping on this keyboard right now, I heard him say, “You have a job, Trease. Work your business.” Most of you know I’m full of the foolishness most of the time, so when I heard that, I looked around to see who was in the room with me. There was no visible being there, but His spirit covered the room.


Mary Kay is not just about making a woman pretty on the outside. Oh, don’t get me wrong, that is one of the most amazing parts of my job — making a woman so beautiful, she’s startled when she looks in that mirror, but mine is to bring out her greatest potential. That means showing her that she can do and be anything she wants whether that’s accomplished by looking like a million bucks because of a new lipstick or through starting her own business. Mary Kay is on of the staunchest allies you will find in the fight against domestic violence. It is also one of the greatest advocates in the fight against breast cancer.

Awareness Month
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This month, I will be using every option at my disposal to shine an additional light on these two causes and to bring in donations. In that light, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness, please consider hosting a virtual Kiss for a Cause party or place an order at my website. I will donate $1 for every lipstick or lip gloss sold to the Mary Kay Foundation or the organization of your choice. Just place your order at and I will handle the rest. If you’re lead to host a party, email me at Blessings are yours to receive.