She Knows

Allow no one to waste your time. It’s too valuable. So are you. … More She Knows


Death of a Thing

One of the most important lessons I learned after my divorce was the importance of dying to my old self. I had to kill her. I had to bury her 10-feet under — not six but TEN! There was no way I could have continued life and prospered in any manner had I continued to … More Death of a Thing

Picking Up the Pieces

There’s no doubt about it: DIVORCE SUCKS! The circumstances leading up to the dissolution of marriage vary from couple to couple, but as I’ve stressed before, not every divorce calls for sympathy. Some are cause for celebration. Either way, though, folks are left to pick up the pieces. The Ashes Even though it was surely … More Picking Up the Pieces


Gah!!! I promised that I wouldn’t neglect my blog because I will go to my grave believing that telling the story of the thing you survived is your duty — it’s your obligation, but it’s been the best that I can do to fall into bed when I finally make it home after work. I … More Hello…