The New Girl

Saturday afternoon, around 3:15 or so, I became a pet mom again.

Photo Credit: Trease Shine Hinton

My son and I had started out running errands in Springhill. I could have easily headed in the opposite way on Highway 371 because the other way was actually the way we had intended to go, but I wanted a specific brand of snack. I knew that I could get those things at the other end of 371, but I went to Springhill. 

My first stop was Brookshires. I really thought my snack was in there. I did. Turns out, it wasn’t. What was in the parking lot of Brookshires was a red pickup truck with a piece of posterboard stuck to its door that read “Free Puppies! Great Christmas gift!”. I had no intention of going that way, but my son insisted. He said, “Mom, let just go look”. I said, “I’m telling you now, we’re not getting a puppy. We can look, but we’re not getting one. I mean it!” 


Photo Credit: Trease Shine Hinton

She was the last one puppy the previous owners had to get rid of. She was dusty. She was scared and stinky. The owners begged us to take here. The minute I looked at her, I knew I couldn’t leave her. The man explained that she needs her first shots and needs a flea treatment. I also suspected she had worms and she does. This is not my first rodeo — I’ve been a pet parent a time or six before. 

I kept telling my son that I wasn’t for all the pooping and peeing that comes along with being a pet parent. I’m not, but those downsides pale in comparison the joys of a wagging tail greeting you at the door every evening after work. Those things mean nothing when you think of the unconditional love a pet provides. 

I haven’t had a pet of my own since 2015. I lost my beloved Pomeranian, Trinket, in 2013, shortly after the divorce. She died. Brutus, the black and white pit bull, was put down in December 2015 by my ex. I had to give Ace, the black Lab/Shepeard mix to a friend after I had to move, and Onyx, the messy cat, passed away in August 2017. 

The loss of a pet is just as devastating as any other loss. Sometimes, it’s more so. I had the other pets for many years before they passed on or I was forced to re-home, but the losses were nonetheless painful.

Here’s to many, many years of fun-filled memories for Athena and me.


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