Whereas you saw nothing more than one of the chicks on your “next” list, he sees a woman he would love to spend quality time with.

Whereas you saw someone whose feelings you could take advantage of for your own selfish gain, he sees a woman whose love he would die to have.

Whereas you find it so incredibly easy to lie to her, he would never dream of being untruthful.

Whereas you have no regard for the years she’s longed for your love, he prays for any amount of time he can have with her.




Whereas you trampled on her heart and her trust, he plans to cherish both and would never destroy either.

Whereas you saw someone you thought would wait around forever, he sees a woman he knows he wants to claim because time is too short.




Whereas you saw nothing more than a “lay” in Louisiana, he sees a woman he’d like to make love to in all 50 states.

Whereas you see a side-chick who you don’t mind embarrassing, he sees a woman he would cover, protect, and shield at all costs.

Whereas you see a girl you know loves you, but you just don’t care, he is praying that one day she’ll love him with the same intensity.

Whereas you didn’t care enough to squeeze her and her love with a vice-like grip, he’s planning to do just that.




Somewhere, there is a man praying for the kind of woman you’re so flippantly blowing off. God’s going to bless him with the very woman you don’t care about losing. Your loss.



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