Ending Another Year

Today marks the first day of the last month of 2016. It’s been a heck of a year for me. It wasn’t nearly as traumatic as the years 2012 – 2015 were, but not all of it was great. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely, positively refuse to let people, things, situations, and circumstances get me down. There were a few days when my optimism tanked because of losses, but I always rebound. I always, always rebound. Still, though, the things that hurt me, hurt badly.


Starting at the beginning of 2016, I had to release some people from my life. In January, I cut ties with someone that I never thought I would. Did it hurt? My God, yes. The thing is, though, the actual separation didn’t hurt nearly as much as the things that led up to that separation. More on that later because it’ll take days to explain that thing, but just know that it needed to happen. Whether that separation will hold remains the greatest mystery in my life right now, but I know it has to be this way right now. A very good friend of mine introduced me to the concept of twin flames and I’m convinced now, more than ever, that what’s meant to be will be. We will find each other again if he is indeed my twin flame.

I also had to cut ties with a friend who I had been close to for almost 30 years. I should have done it years ago because I don’t think I’ve ever had a more toxic female friend in my life. I can’t even really say it hurt because the end came after she once again, blatantly, displayed a level of selfishness that was downright disrespectful. She had always been shallow, but would always somehow make her way back into my heart. I won’t go into the details of the thing that caused me to question her humanity right now because it took me almost two years to get over it, but I should have left the ties severed then. It was bad. I hate even thinking about it because it was just a terrible act. Anywho, I’m done with her.

The Good Stuff

I started grad school in August! I will earn a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing in March 2018. Y’all can’t know how much that means to me. It will open so many doors for me. Initially, I thought I would use that degree to teach English at the collegiate level, but now I’m not sure that I’ll take that route right after graduation. I’ll be speaking against domestic violence on a national basis soon and I know that I’ll be on the road a lot. It’ll be impossible for me to accept a job that will require me to be on another’s time clock. We’ll see. I’m going to teach at some point, but right now, I need to write and talk. I need to speak. I need to share my story.

I made some amazing connections this year. The people that I’ve met are not just blogging or speaking colleagues, they’ve become my friends. I’m grateful for that.

The Coming Year

To say that I’m excited about the coming year is the understatement of the millennium. I will be walking right along in my purpose with my blogging, speaking, and sales business. I will be marching right along toward my masters. I will finally build my dream home. My son will be back on the field. I pray that I’ll see much more of my granddaughter. Perhaps true love will find me. I’m looking forward to all the things!



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