Lost and Found: My Mojo

To be totally honest, the results of the election threw me for a loop. I couldn’t gather myself after the nation was advised who would be at the helm of power come January.

For the most part, I don’t let things like that get me all the way down, but this time, since I will be so closely affected, I was thrown off kilter. I saw some of my best friends leave social media after November 9th, and it tore my heart apart. I hate that people are feeling so threatened that they feel they have to hide. Y’all know I’ll be writing about all this stuff later.

I’m back on track now and will be posting A LOT because my mission to help alleviate domestic violence/abuse is one that is ongoing and one that I will forever remain passionate about.

I hope the holiday season is magical for all of you. Many blessings!


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