She Just Wanted to Go Home

Warriena Wright just wanted to go home. When I read the story of the last few minutes of her life, I couldn’t help but be transported to the spot she was standing in. I can feel her fear. I just know that she realized that it was too late for her to escape. I can imagine that she knew she was going to die.

There was reportedly an altercation between the two of them earlier that evening and she threw ornamental rocks at him and hit him with a telescope. It was their first meeting and his attorney says that she had become agitated after a night of drinking and intimacy.

It doesn’t matter what they were fighting about; she shouldn’t have fallen 14 floors to her death. She was reportedly choked and restrained before he locked her out on the balcony.

As a Litigation Paralegal, I’m usually pretty good at calling case verdicts. I don’t know what’s going to happen with this one because, in truth, he didn’t push or throw her off that balcony. She was, however, scared enough to try to climb down the balcony. She tried to climb down 14 floors, y’all.

This is one I’ll be following closely.


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