Lies, Rumors, Truth

From the very beginning, I knew something was off. Everyone who knows us knows something was off. We knew from the start that the things that happened and the way things crumbled were out of character for him. We all knew that his actions and reactions were totally out of character.


Even though I couldn’t put my finger on it, I knew the actions of my ex were not normal. Things started getting really weird last summer when he was being hit left and right with all kinds of false allegations. He was being accused of things that were supposedly presented by opposing counsel in his divorce case. In the end, he was told that some of accusations weren’t true, just “standard protocol”. Stupid acts, very stupid acts. Man…

There were lies about me, namely that he bought me the car I’m driving now. Y’all know that set me off because the truth is, I had to amend my own divorce decree to allow my ex-husband to buy that car for me. I didn’t want anything else from that man, but I had to swallow my pride and let him get it for me. My ex-husband literally got the deal neatly tied up in a day and had the car in my driveway the next evening. Even though I told him, in no uncertain terms that we wouldn’t be getting back together just because he got the car for me, he still thought there was hope. As y’all know, there was none.

Say What, Now??


Anyway, back to the subject at hand. There is a guy from this area who has been trying to pull me into a “relationship” since the late 80s. I was never interested in him in a romantic sense. This area is comprised of several small towns and everybody knows everybody. It’s never been a secret that this scum wanted to get with me and he’s managed to insert himself in my story. Way back in 1991, he came to see me ONCE! That visit ended with him telling me that he had heard I was a hoe and that he had come to see if it was true. Y’all know how I reacted. I lost my freaking mind! I asked him who would have said some crap like that and he named two people. He didn’t stutter, he didn’t stop to think about it, he named them plainly.

That was 1991. Fast-forward to 2016 and the opportunity presented itself for me to bring that to his remembrance. He quickly told me that he would never say anything like that. Almost immediately, I knew something was about to breakthrough. He became extremely defensive. First, he said he was drinking at that time, and don’t remember saying that. THEN he said he was actually covering for my ex, who had actually been the one who said that. Seriously? When he first started trying to get me to let him come see me again last year, I told him that I was committed to JW, which was true. He claimed he didn’t know who I was talking about. For real? Now, he’s telling me that he named the two other people in an effort to cover for JW. Y’all know I drilled him to the point that he finally told me that he doesn’t really remember the conversation at all.

I also found out that he’s been telling people that we were together as a couple and had been for several months. It’s not true. I cannot stand that man. The mere thought of him makes me want to vomit. Lord, please make this stop!

Matters of the Heart

JPEG image-CA33EA860CD8-1

I haven’t talked to JW in several months. I don’t know when I will or even if I ever will again. We didn’t part in the most peaceful manner, but I know for a fact that lies and rumors played a great role in our dismantling of what is one of the greatest love stories of all times. There are several little things that happened over on good old Facebook that solidifies the fact that things were way, way wrong. People were sent to spy. I know this. My problem with that is if he heard these things, he should have come to me. I also understand that there was absolutely no more room on his plate for any other issue, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that what we had should have meant more. Meh…

We’ve been apart before. This time, though, I don’t know if we’ll come back together.

Do I still love him? Madly.

Will I always love him? Yes.

Do I believe he is my soulmate? Absolutely. He believes that, too.

We were each other’s backbones. He knows that I’ll always be there for him. Always.



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