Saying Goodbye

Dalton Prager, the real-life inspiration for the movie, The Fault In Our Stars, passed over the weekend. They said their goodbyes on FaceTime. There’s really no way of knowing if he actually heard his wife as he drifted off into eternal sleep.

His wife Katie, was hundreds of miles away from his bedside in St. Louis. She is in hospice care in Kentucky. They both suffered from cystic fibrosis but were able to pledge their love to each other by getting married in 2011. They were both 20 years old when they exchanged vows which is fairly young by today’s standards. Even if they had not been sick, I think it is astoundingly beautiful that they married at such a young age. Age is merely a number.

What matters is that they had to say goodbye to “them” at such an early age because of the ravages of a disease that plagued them.

Where the Heart Bleeds

Every day, people are faced with goodbyes. Some of them are painful, some are welcomed.

The day my ex-husband came in and said he wanted a divorce, I was so relieved. I had fought long and hard to hold that thing together, but it was not meant to be. We needed to say goodbye to each other. I was glad we did.

The day I said goodbye to the truest inspiration in my life, my mother, I thought my heart would stop beating.

The day I learned that my dog Brutus was gone, a small part of my heart was chipped away. I still haven’t said goodbye to him.

The Inevitable

We all have to say goodbye to people and things. Life is filled with goodbyes and we, as adults, have to deal with them — the good ones and the bad ones. Cherish the memories of the goodbyes that were painful; relish in the new peace the easy ones allow for.


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