Bringing It All Together 

I’ve finally gotten my son enrolled in classes at UAPB for the fall semester. It took some doing, but he’s enrolled.

This semester, he’s staying off campus so it’s an exciting time for him. He turned 21 this summer and will be living on his own, per se, for the first time ever. I chuckle at the thought of that because I never even considered asking Mama if I could stay off campus while I was in college. The answer would have been a resounding no. To be honest, I never even asked. I was never really interested in staying off campus in my own apartment. I spent enough time with my boyfriend in his off-campus apartment, so I was good. Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

Not many things panned out the way I wanted them to this year. The truth is, I’m still a little off-kilter because of Mama’s death. For the record, I still haven’t had “that” breakdown, but I find myself stalled sometimes. I know she wouldn’t want me sitting around crying over her passing, but I also know she knew how much I would miss her.

There has never been a point when I could slow it all down and rest. There is always, always something going on that needs my attention. Even now that I’ve gotten Will settled in school, I’m about to dive into getting custody of my granddaughter. I need to get some things in order before that happens, but she’s going to be with me until Will is able to take full custody. I don’t mind at all, though, because that little girl is part of the reason I smile.

Things are falling into place at the exact moment that they should. I’m becoming an established writer, school is GREAT (I have an A in my first course), and my living situation is good. My blogging is going to pick up, my speaking engagements will begin, and I’ll make a phenomenal hit with my business.

Everything is coming together. More later.


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