Your Perfect Fit

Whoever you choose to walk with as your love interest should complement you and your lifestyle.Whoever you choose to walk with as your love interest should be the strength to your weakness.

Whoever you choose to walk with as your love interest should be the awakening to the things the good things that have died in you. That person should not be the death to all things that are you.

We all have things about ourselves that need improvement. The person who occupies the position of love interest in your life should be the greatest source of support in your efforts to improve the areas that you aren’t happy with.

Your faults are mere flaws, not be harped on or used to tear you down, but are areas to be worked on…or not. If they are ones that don’t harm you or the next person, they’re just one of the characteristics that make you, you.

As humans, none of us are perfect. That doesn’t mean, though, that there isn’t someone out there who’s perfect for you. Just as surely as I’m sitting here typing this, there is someone out there who is a perfect fit for you. He or she may not necessarily be able to complete your sentences, but that person darned sure knows what you’re thinking. He or she knows what will make you happy and exactly what will piss you off.

Your true love interest knows your deepest, darkest secrets and regardless of the circumstance, won’t disclose them to anyone else. Period.

For the most part, I don’t fully believe in the concept that opposites attracts. Here’s why: after some time, all those things that make you opposites can cause unwanted conflict. Sure, the little differences make life interesting, but too many differences can result in separation.


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