Today, we started a brand new month, full of brand new possibilities. 2016 is more than halfway over. I stopped making resolutions years ago, but I did set some goals at the beginning of the year that once accomplished, will find me in an entirely different spectrum.

Most people know that I’ve been working on a book for some time now. To be honest, I haven’t worked as hard as I should or could have been, but as of today, that changed. It will be finished and will be ready to go into submission by December 31st.

The Mission

All the things that I want to do in my effort to empower women are intertwined. I want to reach women who may feel they are trapped alone inside an abusive relationship. I want to help women use their voice through writing. I want to help women realize their dream of entrepreneurship and independence. I want to help women realize that nothing is outside of their grasp as long as they are willing to work as if their very livelihood depends on it. Indeed, it does.

In all honesty, my wings are not fully developed. I have been flying on my own for quite some time now, but not without running into turbulence, storms that cut into my flight time, and sometimes even running headlong into the side of mountains. All of those things have served as lessons. We all want uneventful flights, but the best ones are the ones that we survive after a little chaos. I long for the day when my wings are fully spread and I’m soaring above all the things that I was told would keep me down.

Keep flying with me, they’ll be spread as wide as an eagle’s soon.


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