The Thing About Peripheral Vision…

Just like so many other things, peripheral vision is something I consider a huge blessing. It allows you to view things on either side while looking straight ahead. It’s a good thing. It helps you avoid things of all sorts, from auto accidents to people blindsiding you (physically or otherwise).

I didn’t realize just how important peripheral vision is until I lost mine for some time due to the brain hemorrhage. I didn’t necessarily lose it, I just couldn’t use it. Just the thought of using my eyes to view my surroundings without turning my head made me cringe. The pain was almost unbearable. The total effects of that hemorrhage on my body as a whole would take a few months to manifest, but they were devastating. Everything from peeing to sitting up felt like giving birth to a full-grown elephant.

I was never one to take things for granted. I was never unappreciative of the use of my limbs. The loss of my peripheral vision taught me an incredibly valuable lesson, though. Listen.

What You Can See

Peripheral vision is amazing. It’s prevented my son from getting hurt many times in football because he was able to step out of the way just in time to avoid being blindsided by other players. It’s prevented me from getting t-boned by careless drivers. It’s a wonderful tool that parents use to side-eye their kids — it’s a favorite of mine.

There are times, though, when I prefer not to use peripheral vision. I’ve encouraged my son in this manner and right now, I want to encourage you.

Develop Your Tunnel Vision


Most people advise against tunnel vision because it limits you in almost every way. You see nothing but the thing you’re focused on. Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to do — focus on the thing you’re after.

In my son’s case, I’ve encouraged him to train his focus on doing well in school and bettering his football career. You see, ultimately, he will have sole custody of his daughter, so the preparatory steps that he takes on now will enable him to provide for her financially in the future. He understands that while he can’t spend as much time with Mia as he’d like right now, he is wise in preparing for the future. I also encourage him to work hard, hard, hard at football because it is such an important part of his bigger dream.

I believe that if you remain focused, but handle your business, tunnel vision is perfectly fine.

Faith, Faith, Faith

IMG_4412FA0A9187-1.jpegI also believe that when you are facing trials, tribulations, and other spiritual attacks, you must keep your vision trained on God. You can’t focus on the things that are going on around you. You can’t. You literally have to believe the God you serve is bigger than the problem(s) you’re going through. Psalm 121 is everything! It’s hard, I know, but it’s necessary. God operates largely on your level of faith. When He tells you that you need only have faith the size of a mustard seed, believe that, and stay focused on him instead of your problem. I know what I’m talking about.



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