Whatever He Says…

This year’s presidential race is making news all over the world. It should, because I’ve never, in my 48 years, seen so many blatantly racist, homophobes hollering that they aren’t racist or homophobic. They’re displaying all the signs and symptoms (yeah, I said symptoms, because racism and homophobia are illnesses), but they want you to believe that it’s their intent to make this country great again. I’m not going to address that junk today, but you know I will soon. There’s a ton political foolishness to address, but not today. Right now, I want to talk about Melania Trump and what should be obvious to the public.

The Speech

Everyone has cracked up about the glaring plagiarism of that speech . Anyone with half an ear knows that part of that thing was lifted. Not only did she stand next to that man and say that she had read it over after it completed,  she said she had written it. Come on, girl. You know you didn’t put pen to paper for any of it. To be totally honest, I’m not sure who wrote that thing because before the day ended yesterday, we had heard that she wrote it, a team of speechwriters had written it, and finally the alleged culprit was just “someone” in the Trump camp. Maybe Snoopy wrote it.

Copyright Image: Charles Schultz


Here’s my problem with it. Regardless of who wrote that thing, SHE was the one standing there reading it. From the bottom of my heart, I don’t believe she wrote a line of it. It’s so plain to see that she did exactly what she was told to do and ultimately, she was left uncovered by the man who should have protected her and her image at all costs — her husband. She caught the flack. She was the butt of a relentless internet gnashing. He, on the other hand, went about the business of hollering and spewing hate like he always does.

Part of the marriage covenant is the guarantee that you’re completely covered by the person you’re married at all times. Don’t go all left on me and assume that I literally mean all times because if he or she goes out and robs a bank, you better be running in the other direction; but if he can’t or won’t cover you and keep you shielded from certain backlash, what’s that all about? Think about it.

They Never Argue

Donald Trump says he and Melania never argue. Just writing that makes me shutter. WHY NOT? I’ll tell you why they don’t: he is a control freak and she’s likely terrified to say anything that represents disagreement with what he says or does. Everybody knows I spent a lot of years in an extremely abusive marriage — I had a brain hemorrhage, y’all — so I can tell you that what they have is not healthy. Everyone should have an opinion. A person should be allowed to express said opinion, especially inside a marriage without the fear of pissing the other person off so badly that the consequences will be unbearable.

Not for one minute am I saying that he physically abuses her, but I will tell you that the mental and emotional control he has over her is out there for all the world to see.

In 1988, Trump told Oprah that he and his wife at the time, Ivana, didn’t argue. He said, “There’s not a lot of disagreement because, ultimately, Ivana does exactly as I tell her to do,” he said, to uncomfortable audience laughter. “Men, is that right?” Seriously?

We’ve seen how he likes to holler and act a clown in public, so God only knows what a show he puts on when his woman doesn’t agree with him. Man…

Think About It

This piece is not so much about Donald Trump, the politician, as it about Donald Trump, the man who has shown in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t respect women. If there was any question as to whether or not that is a fact that he has very little regard for women, he cleared it up with the fact that he allowed his wife to be lampooned because of a plagiarized speech. Good looking out, Donald. Way to protect your wife.



5 thoughts on “Whatever He Says…

  1. Preach! Plus I just LOVE the way they are saying “Michelle Obama didn’t invent the English language”…. really? I’d love to see how that excuse goes over if I handed in a plagiarized research paper… It wouldn’t.

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  2. You know, watching all the other English profs on my Facebook feed losing their minds over Mrs. Drumpf the Third’s blatant plagiarism has been well worth the price of popcorn…and all of the angry right-wingers running to her defense with the “well, (fill in the blank with a Democratic politician they hate) plagiarized as well, so how is it any different?” It’s so old, especially when the counter has been said again and again (i.e., she publicly claimed to have written it), and the opposing view has had its earphones on.

    On a more serious note, your post is dead-on in that Melania, like all of the others, is clearly in an awful relationship with a man who flat-out refuses to treat her as an equal, and that pig-headed, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, bigoted jerkoff has just thrown her right under the bus rather than jump to her defense. To think that there is such a monster running for the highest elected office here is frightening.


    1. Lmao! I actually lost a “friend” this morning on Facebook because of the memes I reposted there. They were funny and you know I’m all about the clowning. Seriously, though, I feel sorry for Melania. She is being controlled and it sucks. My ex could never get me shut up and go along with whatever he said, but after a while, I got tired of the constant fighting when I would disagree with him so I just shut down. I hate any type of abuse. Makes me sick.

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