Reversal of Fortune

My best friend and I have been wrapped around each other since the fall 1987 fall semester at Grambling State University.

We’ve seen each other through marriage, childbirth, divorce, amazing victories, and excruciating heartbreak. One of the most amazing things she did for me was talking to me for nearly two hours straight on that last trip home after I packed the previous 19 years of my life into box upon box following my divorce.

Oh, we had spent far more hours giggling and acting like high school girls before that night, but during those two hours, she didn’t do much more than listen to me cry. She didn’t tell me not to cry. She didn’t bash my ex-husband. She just listened. All I needed that night was a shoulder, and just as had always been the case, hers was there.

The Now

As with many close friends, my BFF and I tend to text a lot. Last night, we were going back and forth, texting away, when things turned serious. I won’t go into full detail, but we both stated how dissatisfied we are with the current state of our lives. Don’t get me wrong, neither of us is ungrateful for anything we blessed to have, but we know where we want to be in life.

We both suffered HUGE setbacks after our divorces. We both endured severe financial. We were both scarred mentally and emotionally.

Ultimately, we both decided that we wouldn’t let our current situations determine our future lots in life. We’re been deflated to the point that there was literally no wind left in our sail.

Guess who got back up and continues to climb the wall to success? Yep, Bree and Tre.


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