All the Feels


A piece that I wrote regarding the sickness that is Brock Turner was published on SheKnows’ website. I am so grateful for that platform to speak from. So many women have remained silent regarding their own horrors surrounding rape, so I applaud that young lady for speaking out.

I’m so disgusted by that guy and especially his dad’s foolishness. What the hell, for real?? I’m getting mad all over over again. I’m pretty good at controlling my temper these days and I’m good at deciding what I allow to make me mad, but this thing angered me immediately. I don’t know which makes me angrier: the sentence he received or the fact that his father thought it was too steep. Read my piece.


I received notification that the entire enrollment process is complete, so I am officially a graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University. I will be getting that masters degree in English and Creative Writing, and to say I’m happy is the understatement of the century! This has been a long, long time coming.

I started work on my MBA years ago, but stopped because of all the shenanigans in my marriage. I couldn’t concentrate on anything so that didn’t work out. I thought about teaching elementary school at one point, but my efforts toward gaining certification for that didn’t work out. As always, things work out exactly the way they are supposed to, when they’re supposed to, so here I am in grad school, studying the thing that I love most.

Never give up on any dream. Never, ever give up!


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