Owning the Pain

I’m far enough in my walk with God to know that every storm that I encounter is merely the shower He is using at the time to “water” me. We all know that in order to grow, things need to be watered. Even though that water may be muddy, you’d be best advised to consider it cleansing. Sometimes, that water may be mixed with hail. That hail might be softball sized and may well knock you out cold a couple of times before you reach shelter, but just know that it’s falling for your good.

When he was a young boy, my son experienced growing pains that were so excruciating, I had to either keep him out of school for a day or two, or I would have to go pick him up early when the pain became unbearable. Growth can hurt. The physical pain that results from growth can stop you dead in your tracks. I found my poor baby in the fetal position more than once as his little body stretched in new directions. The emotional and/or mental pain associated with growth can do the same thing.

As I’ve said numerous times before, the pain that I felt after my ex told me he wanted the divorce was not due to the fact that the marriage was ending. Initially, the pain was due to the fact that he had such blatant disregard for Will and what should have been one of his most exciting high school days. Then came the pain of realizing that I had been left holding everything from the move to a male child who needed his father more than ever. The mental and emotional pain that I withstood during that time is sometimes hard to look back on now, but I’m grateful for the every single point of growth that resulted from it all. I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be what I am today. My child would not be who he is. He is an amazing father, a stellar athlete, and one of the most humble men you’ll ever meet. 

Handling the Hurt

Out of pain comes growth. Growth is a good thing. If you’re hurting right now for whatever reason, consider it a period of growth, and appreciate it for what it is. 


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