How You Go

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Even before my ex-husband walked through that door the evening of November 8, 2012, I knew where things were headed. I know him better than anyone on this planet. That was a fact back then and it remains a fact today. He had been acting well out of character for months before that day and he kept telling me we needed to talk when he came home that weekend. I kept asking him if he wanted to talk about divorce and he kept saying no. Besides the fact that he had done that same thing to me once before, I just felt it in my heart.

If ever a marriage needed to end, it was mine. I wasn’t going to fight him on it and I wouldn’t have gotten SO incredibly angry when he finally mustered up the nerve to tell me he wanted the divorce if it not been for the way he chose to exit.

Seriously, Today?

Will’s 2nd ACL construction was on November 1st. Once the surgery was scheduled, I told William that he didn’t need to fly in because we had done this before and there was really nothing he could have done. He agreed that he would come home the next weekend. Over the week between the surgery and him coming home, he texted me four times saying we needed to talk when he got home. I knew what he wanted to talk about. I wasn’t upset with what was coming. Again, it was time.

He normally called whenever he landed to let me know he was in the city and to ask if we needed anything. That night, there was no call. He had landed at 5:30 PM and I had lost track of time because I was doing Will’s hair. I looked up and realized it was almost 8 ‘o clock so I asked Will if his dad had texted him. He said no. Around that time, we heard the key in the door. He walked over and kissed me on the forehead, mumbled a little something, and went off to the bedroom.

The next day, there were things planned for Will as it was Senior Day. Of course, because of the surgery, Will wasn’t going to play, but he was still going to walk across the field with his parents to accept a rose and to hear his name called. We knew we would miss the majority of the pep rally because Will had a doctor appointment, but Will and I was so excited. His dad was incredibly antsy.

We took Will to school after the appointment and he got to spend a little time with his friends before he had be off campus by 1:00 PM. William and I went back home, and as I was about to walk out the door to go get Will, he stopped me and started by saying, “Trē, I think you and Will should stay in the house until June because I…”. I stopped him. I asked, “Are you getting ready to tell me you want a divorce?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “That’s fine. It’s time.” I started to get angry because like I said, I had asked him a million times if that’s what he wanted to talk about and he had kept saying no. The next few minutes of the conversation is what sent me over the edge. I won’t go into them here (check it out in the book when it comes out), but before I walked out the door, I said, “Are you still going to the game and stuff?” He said, “No.”

I started cussing like there was no tomorrow because I knew my baby would be so devastated. For the next hour or so, I handled things totally wrong because I was pissed, but I did my best to correct them (details will be in the book). I went to the game by myself. People were asking where Big Will was and all I could say was that he was at home.

Needless to say, Will’s entire day and night was ruined, but I made sure I was there.

The Days After and Moving Forward

Things got worse after that. The next few months were ridiculously hard. That time, however, showed me just how incredibly strong I am.

Be careful how you leave any type of relationship especially ones where children are involved. Make it as peaceful as possible. Everyone will remember.


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