Acts of Arson

It’s unfortunate, but some people have a tendency to set fires with every intention of keeping them small — you know the intimate campfire type, but before they know it, that thing grows into a raging inferno that calls for every available firefighter from the local station and all the neighboring stations.


Yes, those little campfires that I’m talking about I’m talking about are lies, half-truths, and other shady mess. People will say any old thing to make themselves look good, or at least, better in situations where it’s obvious that they’re at fault. Then there are the ones who tell flat-out lies but have no way of reeling that thing in when it gets way out of control.

Man, the stories I could tell you guys…

Let me tell y’all a little bit of this one.

“I Don’t Want You Talking to Her!!!”

For all the hell that my ex-husband put me through, for all the years he disrespected and mistreated me, I did not want to move forward with a spirit of anger toward him. That would have meant I was giving him too much authority in my life and it also would have meant he was still occupying my thoughts. We have a son. We have a granddaughter. I wanted to the lines of communications to always be open between us for the two of them, but alas, it was not meant to be.

That man has remarried, and I won’t even go into the foolishness of that situation, but I will tell you, he misled her just like he did me. It’s very clear that he has lied on and about me. That woman knows nothing about me other than what he’s told her, yet she doesn’t want him communicating with me for any reason other than that which is directly related to Will. Now, while that’s fine with me, I’ve gotten word on some of the things she’s said about me. I know that these things are true because I know him. I know him much better than she ever will.

Outside of Will, Mia, and the house in Denver, I have nothing to say to him, I did, however, think he would be interested in seeing pictures of the two of them that I had in a shared iPhoto album. There was a huge blowup as to why the pictures were coming from my phone instead of Will’s phone. I told him that he could assure that woman that I didn’t like him enough to do anything but share little bits and pieces of Will’s college football career and Mia’s growth and fun times. Long story short, I took him off the view list on both albums and told him that Will can share pics with him if he chooses to. I’m not up for the games.

I also know of a chick who branded her ex-husband as a physically abusive drunk. She knew that none of the things she accused him of were true, but that didn’t stop her from striking the match to start that little campfire. That one, my friends, turned into a raging inferno that is still burning.

Why Even Start It?

People get pissed when things don’t go their way. That’s fine. I get ticked off just like everybody else in this world, but what you won’t catch me doing is lying on folks, starting rumors about them, or posting crap to insinuate that they’ve done things to me that they haven’t. That’s so incredibly stupid. In the end, it does nothing but burn bridges unnecessarily. No one has time for that.

Regardless of the situation, I have found that it is almost always best to speak your piece, but hold your peace. Then go about your business. There’s no sense in arguing and clowning with ANYONE. It’s just not worth the stress and strife. People say things they don’t mean when they’re angry. Sometimes there’s no taking those words out. My mom used to tell us that once those words were you there, you couldn’t pick them up. Be careful.


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