Missing the One


I’ve seen this quote a million times and believe its one of the most profound statements ever. It’s unfortunate, but I’ve seen so many women wasting time with men who have no intention of ever being anything more than Mr. Right Now while posing as Mr. Right. The problem is, many of those women are under the impression that the ones they’re with are actually Mr. Right because they’re being deceived. I’m not about man-bashing in any sense of the word, but the truth is, some men know that they never want to be anything other than a “see-you-when-you’re-in-town, hook-up, friends-with-benefits” kind of dude. There are so many glaring signs that point directly to a man’s true intentions. Don’t miss them.

Girl, You’re Not Blind

  • You never know if he’s going to respond to your voicemails/texts. If he wants to talk to you, he’s going to take a minute to respond. Period. Even if it’s just to say he’s busy, he’s going to respond.
  • You’re wondering how he really feels about you. If you find yourself wondering if he cares or truly loves you, trust and believe that he doesn’t. Now don’t get me wrong, I know everyone has his or her own way of expressing love, but that expression (or lack thereof) should never leave you wondering where you stand. Period. I spent many years wondering if my ex-husband really loved me, and while I believe he did in his own way, it was by no means the real definition of true love. True love is not defined by a roller coaster ride or abuse.
  • He never actually tells you how he feels about you. Again, everyone doesn’t express their hearts the same way, but if you don’t hear the words “I love you” once (in a while), trust me, he doesn’t love you the way a man loves a woman in a committed relationship.
  • He tells you he just doesn’t know what he really wants. Yeah, he does. It’s just not you. Don’t allow him the time or yourself the humiliation of allowing him to “decide” if he wants you or not. Go, girl, GO in the other direction. The real Mr. Right could be over in that direction.
  • He makes no real effort to see you until he needs some. I won’t waste my time or your’s explaining this one. You already know. Stop giving your stuff to a man who just needs to get off.
  • He doesn’t want anyone to know he’s with you. If that man doesn’t want anyone to know he’s with you at any given time, whether in the physical sense or relationship sense, he doesn’t want to be with you. Period. No questions asked, he just doesn’t.

Your Options

JPEG image-1736E5FEF98B-1You Can Wait on Him to Want You. You can wait on him to start expressing the fact he wants you. He may realize just what a wonderful treasure he has in you, will man-up, and express what’s in his heart. He may turn that thing around and make you feel like the queen you really are. He knows where to find you.

Then again, he just may not. You can wait around for a specified time period or forever, but he may not ever make you his woman.


JPEG image-20E6D68DAA9F-1.jpeg


You Can Wake Up and Be Awesome. You can wake up, smell the coffee and understand that you don’t have to wait on anyone at any time. Life is short, it is way too short to wait on a man to decide if he wants you in his life.

What he’s neglecting and rejecting in you is what another man is praying for.

Discover All Your Greatness

JPEG image-DF84C383CE8A-1.jpeg

I’m not saying you should walk away from your relationship if there is the hope that it will one day be what you want it to be. Maybe your guy is just going through a period of confusion. What I’m saying is that if you wake up in a constant state of wondering where you stand with him, you should re-evaluate and decide if your time is worth the wait. Don’t miss out on the real one waiting for the unsure one.




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