One Pissed Off Survivor

Please read this post from a fellow blogger.

A Life Worth Living For

I have been contemplating writing this blog all day. I wasn’t sure how to start, let alone how I could word this. But earlier today while on WordPress I stumbled upon a blog under the tag Domestic Violence; I must admit the title of this blog caught my attention (as they are supposed to) but what I found actually pissed me off.

Below is the QUOTED sentence I copied and pasted to share with my readers.

“Footnote- At times, I dated victims of domestic violence..this is a terrible thing to say…but if you don’t hit them, they don’t respect you.”

FIRST OFF, you do not date a victim of domestic violence, you date a survivor (unless by chance you happen to be his/her abuser) SECONDLY, the fact that one would even think this way is disturbing all in itself. Let me educate real quick! A SURVIVOR of domestic abuse finds…

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