Releasing the Fear of Being Great

It’s unfortunate that so many people, especially women, live a life dictated by fear. We all experience the fear of failing at some point, but there is also the fear of being great. That might sound strange, but it’s a fact. I experienced it for many years.

The fear of being great can be just as stifling as the fear of failure. Both of them suppress the ability to fully release one’s capability.

One of the biggest factors of the fear of being great is that lack of self-worth. I found myself in that position a few years ago. I didn’t feel like I was capable of doing any one thing in a great way. I believed that if I somehow managed to do an excellent job at anything, someone would come along and find a flaw that either I didn’t know about or had been covering up. It took me some time to realize that flaws don’t determine greatness. As a matter-of-fact, your willingness to expose your flaw(s) will contribute to your greatness because what I’ve learned is that we all have them. None of us are perfect. What we are, though, are perfect vessels through which God can deliver His message. Your greatness is determined by your willingness to put your best effort forward.

The fear of failure can and should serve as a catalyst to accomplishing your goals and dreams. None of us want to fail. I don’t believe that any of us plan to fail. For the past couple of years, I’ve been in a “reset, regroup” mode because of the divorce. Mine is one of the cases where I the restart included everything. That was a choice I made. Not out of anger or bitterness, I have chosen to rebuild from scratch. That included everything from furniture to clothes. I have kept very few things from the 19 years I was married. I don’t want any of that stuff. My life is new in a sense, so I want my environment to feel new.

The fear of failing to take care of the financial needs of my college-aged son has pushed me to restrategize my efforts. It has caused me to put into motion more streams of income. Finally, it has caused me to delve deep into my own skills and ability, and to use them to their fullest capacity. Your greatest accomplishments lie just beyond your comfort zone.

Whichever type of fear you’re experiencing, don’t allow it dictate your life. Be great. Be phenomenal. No one can stop you except you!


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