The Islands

I’ve never gone on a true vacation. Ever. All the traveling I did during the 19 years I was married was to Louisiana, Texas, or California. I can’t count those as vacation trips because they were always to see my family which meant that ultimately, I ended up running errands, cooking or doing some other chore. I can’t count the trips to Maryland because I knew I wasn’t welcome in my former mother-in-law’s home, and I certainly can’t count the trips where we followed Will all over the place for basketball or football. Those trips wore me down. Hauling those extremely hyper boys all over Las Vegas and Kansas frayed my nerves.

We never went on “real” vacations because my ex-husband didn’t want to take any time off from work unless it was for Will’s games. He said we would be able to travel later, maybe after Will was off in college. Later never came and I’m glad it didn’t. That’s another blog post, but I realized many, many years ago that any trip we would have taken together would have been littered with piss and poo. It wouldn’t have been fun.

I have lots of travel plans slated for the coming year. There will be big ones and little ones. There will be trips with my family, some alone, and others with my soul mate. I’ll make all of them. The one place that I absolutely, positively have to visit is The Galápagos Islands.


I’ve only been to the beach twice in my entire 48 years so when it’s time for me to visit another one, I want it to be to a magical place. I can think of no better place than The Galápagos Islands. Besides the fact that sands are so enticingly inviting, the nature buff in me became even more intrigued with the island when I read this Huffington Post article. There will be tons and tons of pictures because I don’t know when to stop clicking in everyday life so capturing the beauty of the island will put me into overdrive. Stay tuned!

T. Shine Hinton


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