Before One Step Is Taken

Before I roll out of bed each morning, I engage in conversation with God.

Photo Credit: My Grace United Methodist Church

My mom was considered a holy-roller by many so I was taught to pray early on. Mama was extremely fun-loving and had an amazing sense of humor, but we were taught that our prayer life was of the utmost importance. Just like any other kid, I did the exact opposite of what she said to do as often as the sun rose, but when it came to prayer, I didn’t deviate from my teachings. I didn’t start praying before I hit the floor in the mornings until shortly after my son was born in 1995 and never stopped. I had always said my prayers nightly but didn’t start praying in the mornings before then.

Here’s what I offer and what I ask for:

  • I thank Him for keeping me safe from unseen hurt, harm, or danger throughout the night while I slept. Criminals don’t only operate during daylight hours. I’ve lived alone for the past two years and lots of people know that. I prayed the same prayer, though, while I was married.
  • I thank Him for allowing me to see another day and for the activity of my limbs.
  • I thank Him for keeping my family, friends, and even my enemies through the night. Why ask that He keep my enemies?Because without them, who would I have to show there is no need for hating?
  • I ask Him to put me in the path of at least one person that I can be a blessing to.
  • I ask Him to put me in the path of one person who will teach me a lesson in humanity, the blessing of others, and/or what it means to remain humble.

I take absolutely nothing in the life for granted. I seek His guidance so that I where I need to be, when I need to be there. My only hope is to help wherever and whenever I can.

T. Shine Hinton

Women's Lives


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