Starting It out Right

I promised God that if He pulled me from the brink of death on July 21, 2009, I would live my entire life differently. I knew that that promise would please Him and it would also allow me to live a more peaceful life. Well, I did change things for a while, but as in many cases of abuse, I allowed myself to get caught up in the drama again before long. I was stressing, fighting, hiding and denying the abuse just like I had for many years before. That all changed shortly after he announced he wanted the divorce. I went back to my morning routine and have not waivered from it since.

The very first thing I do when I wake up is pray. I don’t necessarily get out of bed and onto my knees, but I pray. Once you experience a close, close call with death, you see life differently. The very first thing I thank him for is allowing me to see another day. A new day is not promised to any of us. Be grateful for opening your eyes one more time. The second thing I thank Him for is the roof over my head. Do you have any idea how many people are homeless, particularly women and children? There by the grace of God go I. After that, I ask Him to place me in the path of at least one person I can help throughout my day’s journey. From there, I read my biblical devotions. Prayer and reading the Bible set the tone for my entire day.

Under normal circumstances, I read a little from whatever book has my attention and cook up a little breakfast. By the time the second cup of coffee is downed, I’m ready to start writing, cleaning and handling life.

There’s nothing phenomenal about the start of my day, but the solitude and communion with God shape my day.

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