The Experts in Me

I’ve never thought as myself as better than anyone else. I never will. I do know, however, that in a few areas, I represent the cream of the crop. If there is one thing I detest, it’s arrogance, so know right off the bat that I’m not saying any of this in that light. You see, one of the areas I have extraordinary expertise in is recovery from the effects of mental and emotional domestic abuse. I’ll tell you about that one in a few, but let me tell you about two other areas of expertise that I’m pretty proud of first.

I’ll Be Your Biggest Cheerleader
I believe that a woman is capable of achieving any goal or fulfilling any dream she sets her mind to. I also believe that consistent encouragement is imperative to push a person toward the end-result. I’m not talking about that fake mess where you provide porous, insincere cheers, I’m talking about being there when that woman wants to give up. I believe in lifting her up off the ground when she’s collapsed from the little failures and especially the bigger ones. None of those failures are permanent, and if they are, guess what? There’s more than one way to skin a cat! I’ll help her figure out another way to get that thing done. There’s always a way.


I have always been a good listener. I hear everything that’s said and most importantly, I hear the things that aren’t said. Not everyone is as open with their problems as others and will likely need you to read between the lines. That’s not to say I make assumptions because that’s dangerous. I know the questions to ask because, during the time I was being abused, I became an expert at evasion and hiding things. I recognize it when I see it.

I Know How to Bounce Back
For nearly all of the 19 years I was married, I was a victim of gaslighting, horrendous verbal abuse, a roller coaster ride of “I love you” and “I hate you”, belittling, condescending behavior and two rapes. The divorce that followed was ridiculously trying on a mental level. He left me holding everything. It took some time but guess who’s stronger and more optimistic than ever? I haven’t lost my faith in mankind and I haven’t lost my faith in love. Why should I? One man did that, not the entire species.

I plan to use all my expertise to help other women recover and move the hell on. Time is too short. There’s too much living to do.

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