My Voice Is Her Voice

Last night, I decided that I was going to take a little break from my personal Facebook account because I mistakenly thought that it was distracting me from what I need to be doing. The truth is, the real “problem” was that I was seeing things that I didn’t want to see. I have no control over those things but they affect me directly and I was a little pissed. One day soon, I’ll write about those things but right now, I have neither the legal right or the inclination to do so. Just know that they will be addressed because they affect me, my future and my credibility.

A Small Cry for Help

What happened, though, to change my mind, was the fact that I received an inbox message from a woman who is going through some things right now. As many of you know, I decided to be transparent about my journey beginning in November 2013 because I just knew that my story could and would help some another woman. When I first linked my blog to my Facebook fan page, I received encouragement from friends and family to tell the story. All along, though, I’ve steadily been receiving inbox messages from women who haven’t connected to either my fan page or my blog directly. With the receipt of that inbox message last night, I knew I couldn’t leave my personal Facebook page for the selfish reason I wanted to. I want to help people. That means that I have to make myself available where they can find me.

I’m grateful that several of my blog posts have resulted in my connecting with women from all over the country, but the one that resulted in the most contact to date was the one on body-shaming. Take a look: I didn’t receive interaction on the post directly on my blog site, but I got a tremendous amount of inbox messages and interaction on my Facebook fan page. I’m okay with that. What that means to me is that women trust me enough to open up about things they may not be able to with others. For the longest time, I was afraid and ashamed to talk about those kinds of things but, my test became my testimony for a reason.

My purpose in this life is to help other women. That’s what I’m going to do, whenever and wherever I can. The inbox message that I received last night hit me in the heart for two reasons: (1) someone needed me and valued my opinion and (2) the thought of a woman suffering and feeling lost destroys me, but it moves me to push forward with intention and drive because I won’t stand by and just let it happen.

T. Shine Hinton


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