When to Shut Up

Social media can be a good, good thing. Social media can be a bad, bad thing. On any given day, at any given hour, you can log on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, various blogging sites, and many other cracks and crevices of the in cyber universe, and find people spewing their most personal information for the whole world to see.

I’ve seen some posts and tweets that went WAY too far. I’ve seen the mystery posts (i.e., “I have fantastic news!” or “My whole day has just been ruined.” Then we hear nothing else from the poster, even after a million replies/comments from folks asking what the news is); the angry, pointed posts (i.e., “I hate my husband!” or “My wife is a bitch!”); and finally, the sexual posts (i.e., “I need some, NOW!” or boobs/peen pics). Then there are the personal posts with a purpose.

After I was divorced and realized that my story was not just a story, but a tale of survival, I decided to reveal details that I had kept hidden for so long because of shame and/or disappointment in myself. For the longest time, I felt so alone as the victim of mental/emotional domestic abuse. There were times when I felt like all the things that were coming my way were my fault. It took me years to accept the fact that I wasn’t to blame. It took me years to accept that fact that I was the victim. One of the greatest things to happen in my life came when I finally, FINALLY stopped being the victim. I am no greater woman than any other but I know that I’ve overcome some major hurdles because of my tenacity, my determination and my will to live the life I want to live.

What I choose to report of my personal life are the details of the actual struggle alongside the glorious feeling of overcoming those obstacles. Anything I feel will benefit another woman, will be found in my blog. My book will go into greater detail but trust and believe that I will walk in my purpose and tell that story.

Women's Lives        NaBloPoMo March 2015


2 thoughts on “When to Shut Up

  1. You have so much to be proud of within your son and within yourself. The encouragement you give to your son and to others is priceless. You are such a strong example of good parenting. You’re right… he could have been doing something else. But he chose to be with you. If you were on the wrong head space he would’ve wanted to be somewhere else. That shows how awesome you are. God bless you. Keep being that awesome light in his life. Love you sis!!!


    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I constantly strive to be a good person and an even better mother and grandmother. There are so many things I want to do with and for them. Walking in purpose will allow me to do them.


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