What She’s Done



March 9, 2015

Trease Shine Hinton achieves planned goals, large and small

From this date five years ago, Trease Hinton has accomplished feats that she planned and some that she did not.

Most notably, she has created a life that she, herself, doubted was fully possible.

Trease’s divorce became final (in a sense) on April 5, 2013 after the 30-day “finalization” period according to Texas law. Although the process itself proved to be one of the most traumatic periods of her life, she realized she had no choice but to pick of the pieces of her life, patch together the good that was left and move on. There was no choice. She relocated to her hometown area in Louisiana, and after the initial shock of being back in a less-populated area, without all the convenience of the city, she discovered that all her future greatness would be found in her new surrounding.

In 2011, she attempted to get her teaching certification in Allen, TX but circumstances and situations didn’t allow for it. Today, she is actively pursuing this certification along with a Master’s of Art in Teaching. She will complete this by December 2016.

Trease saw her son graduate from high school and go off to college. She has also been an excellent grandmother to little Mia.

As Trease accomplishes more goals and dreams, she will be acknowledged. She has a long list of things to do and as she is noted for being extremely determined, we expect that they will all be checked off.

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