The Reset


I firmly believe that some of the absolute best things are birthed from the most ridiculously painful times in your life. People, circumstances and situations can and will destroy you and your life at any given time. Sadly, some people will intentionally create chaos just to see you stumble. I’m not a pessimist, however, I’m smart enough to expect to encounter those kinds of people and will handle up on them firmly and tactfully. That’s how it happens most of the time, anyway – sometimes you have to meet ’em where they stand. Back to the subject at hand.

For the longest time, I floundered regarding what I should do with myself. A large part of the reason I went back and forth so often was because there was no stability in my life. I was always, ALWAYS afraid of my marriage falling apart, which would have meant that I would have been displaced in some way or another. Well, look at this – IT HAPPENED!

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 1988 and while it has served me well career-wise, I knew there was something missing. I didn’t, however, have the time to figure out what that was. I started toward a career in nursing but quickly discovered that it wasn’t for me. Besides that, the man told me that he “couldn’t be leaving work early to get our son just so I could be a CNA”. Yeah, that happened.

Shortly before I had the brain hemorrhage, I had looked into gaining my certification in teaching. Well, after recovery, my life really fell into a state of destruction. There was so much chaos and everything was in an uproar. I let the idea go. I’ve always had a penchant for education and learning, and I knew I wanted to be involved somehow. teachers

Fast forward to 2015. I will begin work on my Master’s of Art in Teaching in May at Grambling State, which happens to be my undergraduate alma mater. It is a dual program that will allow me to become certified in Elementary Education and get the MAT. I will let NOTHING stop me this time. What I’ve learned is that while it is imperative that you have a strong, strong support system, it’s just as important that you become your own biggest cheerleader. Both of those things are in place this time around. My man, my family and friends all have the pompoms out! I’ll have those letter after my name by the fall of 2016. Bet on that. After that, I’ll pursue my Master’s of Education because ultimately, I will be in Education Administration.


You have to make way for your own dreams. You have to find ways to make those things happen. Everything you want can and will happen but you have put in the work to make it all happen.



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