Putting It Out There


By now, most people know at least a portion of my story. The ins and outs include gains and losses, ups and downs, losing folks, gaining friends, marriage, divorce, illness, and good health. Like most people, I’ve had many turning points but the most significant one came on July 21, 2009 when I suffered a brain hemorrhage. I almost died. I lay in ICU for four days. Recovery took months. I couldn’t even walk to the bathroom alone. I vowed to God and myself on that day that if He pulled me from the brink of death, I would use my survival as a vessel to reach other women who needed to climb out of the pit.

At the time that I made that vow, I didn’t know how I would do it, but I knew it would happen. I knew that a door would open and sure enough, I’ve used social media to reach people and feel extremely blessed in that many women some of whom I know merely because we played Farmville together, have been reached. The name of my blog is Transparency. It is my purpose to tell it like it is so some other woman can move forward. I knew that I wanted to reach a wider audience and that I wanted to serve my purpose with a like-minded group of women. Then that door swung open with a mighty gust of wind!

Last night, I received an email and the subject line was: Please Read: You’re Invited to Become a Partner with SheKnows Media and PRI in the #WomensLives Initiative. I read it around 2:30 this morning because I was completely beaten to a pulp by my two-year old granddaughter’s energy and had fallen asleep by 10 PM. To say I’m honored is a vast understatement. I consider this a privilege because not only am I now able to voice my opinion on issues that touch my heart, I am also able to reach women who would otherwise believe they are walking that thing alone.

Across Women’s Lives (http://c.bher.co/5s) is all about empowering women and addressing issues that are important to our community.

Stay tuned because I’m stepping up on the platform in stilettos and a big stick! It’s on!


5 thoughts on “Putting It Out There

    1. Yes, ma’am! It makes a world of difference when you have actually lived through a thing. I’m willing to speak out because no woman should feel that she’s in that thing alone. I was there and it sucks.


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