What Are You Waiting For?

IMG_0130-0.JPGWe procrastinate. We put things off for a variety of reasons. We decide it’ll be better to do that thing at a later, more appropriate date, you know, like the beginning of the month, the end of the month, our birthday, Arbor Day, Pumpkin-picking Day, any old day except today. I was the queen of this ritual.

I don’t care what the task was, I could always justify starting at a later date. Regardless of the day the urge to start working out would hit me, you could almost always bank on the fact that I would choose the following Monday as my start date. If I was going to change my eating habits, there’s no way I would start right now – it would most definitely be the following Monday because you know what the weekend is about…freedom!


Putting things off allows for three results. The first is that you may never actually start the task. The second is that you may bump up against time and in your hurried state, make a complete mess of things. Finally, it may be so late in the game that it won’t matter if you start it or not.


I’ve been guilty of putting things on my calendar and NEVER getting started. I’ve moved things farther and farther up in my date book but never putting in the work to get the job done. I even made a point of putting these things down in ink which meant nothing in the end because I just used Wite-out to keep it all moving. Foolishness! I’ve even tried highlighting dates on my paper calendar and had the same results – Wite-out kept things moving farther down the line with no real action.

Then there are the things that you actually do get around to but the results are shotty because you’ve waited to long and didn’t put enough effort into the task. Rushing rarely yields positive results. I’ve done this more times than I’d like to admit to.

Finally, you may have put things off to a point that it doesn’t matter if you do them or not. No one will care because the end-result will no longer matter. Most likely, someone else will have come along and finished what you never started.

Our time here is limited. Use it wisely. Don’t squander it away. Don’t keep putting things off – there’s no time to waste.



2 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?

    1. I get that same rush but I’ve taken on quite a few new responsibilities lately, so I have to stay on it. It seems like nearly every minute of my time is occupied but I love it!


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