What It Tastes Like

If there’s one lesson I’ve repeatedly tried to teach my son, its that what goes around comes around. You can call it karma, happenstance, the way the cookie crumbles or whatever you choose. The bottom line is how you hand it out is how you’ll get it back. It seems like common sense, but you have to know that common sense is not that common.


I am no saint by any stretch of the word. I make plenty of mistakes on the daily. The difference, though, between the girl I was back then and the woman I am now, is that those mistakes are not intentional. I’m the type who gets her payback almost immediately. I don’t care how mean I was to a person or what petty little actions I took, my payback came back in what seemed like minutes. It happened like that ALL the time! It may not have come back in same form or fashion, but you can bet something would happen to remind me of what I had done or whatever junk had come out of my mouth.

In the same vein, I quickly learned that when I did a good deed, it came back in kind. I try to stay this course. I hope my son will keep this course.

Unfortunately, I lost myself in a marriage that I realize now, was doomed from the start, and was always playing into the “get even with you” game. Whatever he did, I made sure to do it back with a little extra punch. I became an expert at it. Eventually, I became tired of it. I outgrew it. I grew up.

The day I decided to let nature take its course and to stop stooping to new lows in order to pay him back, my load became easier. I realize that while I am not better than anyone else on this planet, I am better than allowing myself to react in a manner that, in hindsight, will show pettiness and immaturity. Ultimately, I took myself out of the position of target.

No one deserves enough power over our time, life and energy to pull you down to a level that you wouldn’t normally stoop to. Let the cookie crumble as it will; let karma take it’s place. You have no control over anyone but yourself. Remove yourself from any situation that requires getting even.

NaBloPoMo November 2014


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