What Love Isn’t

DV_Post2Love isn’t pain.

Love isn’t making your partner wonder if you love him or her.

Love isn’t intentionally breaking another heart.

Love isn’t dragging your partner down in order to build yourself up.

Love isn’t belittling.

Love isn’t degrading.

Love isn’t beating his or her heart and head to pieces with mean words.

Love isn’t wondering where he or she is all hours of the night.

Love isn’t dreading his or her return.

Love isn’t turning backflips when he or she leaves.

Love isn’t hoping he or she doesn’t come home.

Love isn’t staying away from your home to avoid him or her.

Love isn’t walking on egg shells in his or her presence.

Love isn’t carrying him or her on a roller coaster ride.

Love isn’t wondering if he or she really cares.

NaBloPoMo November 2014


4 thoughts on “What Love Isn’t

    1. Indeed it does. Sometimes, it takes a while for a person to accept what is right in front of them. People see what they want to see. They make things what they want them to be. Sometimes, what they want things to be and what they actually are, are two totally different things.

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