The Fear of Flying

Taking flight!Many people out there are so afraid of success. Sometimes they know it, sometimes they don’t. That sounds like foolishness. That sounds so contrary to popular belief but it is the truth. Fear of success is just as commonplace as the fear of failure. You come to be stuck in the one place you want most to get out of. You’re not progressing forward or backward. You’re just stuck. I’ve been there. I stayed there for many, many years.

I can honestly say that my biggest barrier was that I didn’t feel that I deserved to enjoy any success in my life. This was a huge part of the mental/emotional abuse I suffered in the 19 years I was married. I self-sabotaged my dreams of being successful in my home-based business by NOT doing the smallest things and yes, by failing to do the big, BIG things. I took forever to order business cards. I didn’t dress in line with the title I carried. I became painfully “shy” when it came to approaching people about my product but would talk their ear off about everything else. I discounted the little accomplishments because I was under the impression that all the accomplishments had to be big ones in order to matter.Success!

Thankfully, I have passed that stage. I’m not flying at the altitude I necessarily should be, but trust that I’m on my way there. I can taste success and I believe in myself for the first time in a very, very long time. I look forward to doing my best in my chosen job because what I’m doing will undoubtedly help other women. Blessing them will bless me.


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