Being Mia’s Grandma


My granddaughter, Mia, is a part of my heartbeat. She’s spunky, spirited, FUNNY, and very loving. She won’t be two until December 20th but has already mastered the side-eye (which her grandmother is well-known for) and a passion for purses (guilty, again).

I will preface this by saying that I fully believe babies are a blessing. All of them. Are they all planned? Nope. Are some unwanted? Absolutely! Those things will never negate the fact that babies bring joy. Mia’s birth brought a point of absolute bliss at a time when NOTHING was going right. There were issues, though.

Mia is the daughter of my 19 year old son and his former girlfriend, who is also 19. She was born just over a month after my ex-husband announced that he wanted the divorce. There had been a question of paternity, so to say the situation was tense is the understatement of the century. We learned that my son was indeed Mia’s father three days after her birth and were blessed to have her for New Year’s Eve. She stole every beat of my heart the first time I saw her and she still has hold of it in those tiny little hands.

My son is in college and the short-sided view is that he’s a college dude living it up. The big picture, however, will show that he is a young father who loves his daughter just as deeply as an older one would. Initially, I kept an eye on him while he was keeping an eye on her because after all, he had no experience with a baby. I did a LOT of undercover snickering during the times he was trying to figure things out. Watching him change her poo-filled diapers was outrageously funny! I am proud of the father he is and the man he is. While he’s not able to care for her financially right now, he gives her as much time as he possibly can and for that, I’m grateful. He could easily have decided that he wouldn’t participate. The fact that he didn’t go that route makes me feel like I did something right in his upbringing. He doesn’t shirk his responsibilities.

I’m looking forward to all the years ahead with them both.


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