Letting go…and holding on

Throughout life, we encounter many different people in our day-to-day walk. Some of them will disappear just as quickly as they appeared, and that occurrence is a welcome one. Some of them will disappear and re-enter many times before the end. Further still, some will be there day in and day out, till the very end of time.

I feel tremendously blessed for every single friend I have. Although I’ve known my best friend since 1986, I am thrilled at the fact that I am still in close contact with friends I’ve had since kindergarten. I was raised in a small town and value the friends I’ve had for years. I attended Grambling State and there is where I developed some relationships that are the very essence of my existence today.

My best friend, Sabrina, has been by me through the good and the bad. We’ve seen each other over and through some tragic events. I would be totally lost without her. There are other friends, whom shall remain nameless for the sake of…well, just because, who have been  better to me than I’ve been to myself. One day soon, I will be able to mention them all because change is on the horizon. In the meantime, I relish in the fact that these people are just a phone call away. I know people who get so tired of their phone ringing, getting text messages, FB posts, tweets, etc., but I absolutely love that my phone is always going off. To me, it means that someone is thinking of me. I will hold on to these relationships with everything I have. Some of these friendships are relatively new but with all that I am, I believe they will last a lifetime.

On the other hand, there are some relationships that I will be terminating immediately. One in particular has been the very bane of my being. It has caused me excruciating mental anguish, emotional chaos and even physical pain yet I held on for many, many years. The time has come for it to end and with God as my witness, I am looking forward to the future in a  way that I haven’t anticipated anything in years. I will finally live the life I want. There are still plenty of uncertainties but as always, I will hold tight to God’s hand. My sister constantly reminds me that God will always, always keep me and this is not news to me. I am looking forward to traveling, to seeing the city of Dallas (which is something I’ve always wanted to do) and most importantly, I’m looking forward to getting to know myself. I want to see Trease that has longed to surface!


5 thoughts on “Letting go…and holding on

  1. Brilliant post, Trease…

    I use to worry about ‘letting people go’, mainly because I use to think that God would be mad at me for not trying, and hence not putting forth more effort. But, over the years I’ve learned that God wants me to be happy in this life and thus make the best of it.

    Sometimes people really can drag you down, and you literally have to ‘let them go’. The way I feel now, if I have to let someone go, I don’t feel guilty anymore…



    1. Ivan, if you don’t let go of toxic people (regardless of who they are, family, friends, whatever), you will FOREVER be caught up in their trauma and drama. You will forever be fighting fights that aren’t your own. I have stood by and helped as long as I could in certain situations, but I realized that by removing myself as that person’s crutch, I gave them their own wings to fly. It’s good to be there, but no need to get caught up!


  2. ‘…and most importantly, I’m looking forward to getting to know myself. I want to see Trease that has longed to surface!’

    Beautifully put, Trease.


  3. I am truly touched and honored to be your life long BF!!!! I will continue to encourage you to find happiness with yourself….you’re to special to settle for less – you deserve the best. Keep on pushing….your blessings are close!!!!!


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