Who Can Block Better Than You??? No One!!

From the day my son stepped on the court in fourth grade, he has been known for his ability to block shots. He is known for coming out of nowhere and blocking and blasting that ball away from the opponent. On the court, blocking leads to turnovers; turnovers lead to scoring. In the game of life, blocking is not so good.

Many people spend their days and nights blocking others. It can be big things, it can be small things. Blocking from and of others comes in many forms. Rumors, lies, entrapment, deceit, undermining, backstabbing, belittling – they are all tools used to block others. Why anyone would spend time standing in the way of another’s good fortune is beyond me, but it happens every single minute of every single day. In some cases, things appear to work out in the favor of the blocker. By all appearances, it seems that the blocker gets what he or she wants in that the other person’s desires are DELAYED. What I’ve learned is that they are no more than that – delays. At 43 years of age, I am a living witness to the fact that in the end, goodness will prevail. God will never allow a child of His to be stomped upon, kicked about and mistreated for long. I have never been one to take a whooping lying down, but I can tell you that if you stand still and allow God to fight your battles, you will ALWAYS come out a winner. You will.

A blocker is not always a co-worker, a sister, a brother, a spouse, etc. Being mindful and aware of your surroundings most times allows you to see the outside blocker. The most lethal blocker a person can have is him/herself!! Spending days drenched in unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, resentment, or any other negative emotion, is sure to block any blessing you are to receive. That’s not saying you won’t be blessed because God is not like man. Unforgiveness is so incredibly dangerous. It leads to horrid health issues, the inability to move forward and it is a sin toward God. His word says that we are to forgive in order for Him to forgive us. It takes an arrogant and ignorant person to believe that you can walk this earth hold on to anger, being resentful, being Bitter Bob or Bitter Betty and being mad at everything because you’ve been wronged. Please don’t misunderstand, no one says you aren’t to be upset when someone slights you, but carrying that mess around for ages doesn’t do one thing for you. And rest assured that the person who has wronged you will forget about it L*O*N*G before you do!! They’ve moved on the next target. Forgive them. Move on. Burst their bubble – nothing makes a blocker angrier than seeing their “victim” in a state of happiness! Don’t let that state of happiness be fake either! It must be genuine because saying you forgive a person and actually *doing* it are two totally different states.

Don’t allow anyone to change you from a superstar to a blocker. Be that one star that shines REGARDLESS of the circumstance. Be you own cheerleader – be the head cheerleader! Most importantly, don’t allow anyone to fall into disobedience of God’s word. Stay in His favor by being His best child.


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