The Roots Of The Tree

My mother is often on my mind, as are her sisters. There were nine girls in that family and six boys. They were poor. Very poor. Mama told me that for Christmas, they were extremely excited to get an apple, an orange and some peppermint. My mom, just like a lot of women of her generation led a VERY hard life. My childhood home was the handiwork of her’s and my grandfather’s hands. It was a huge house and even with all the cracks ad crevices, it held a warmth that I will never feel again.

As with any family, there were issues and some of them are present today. What is undeniable is our loyalty to each other. There are a TON of us and we’re scattered everywhere. What you can rest assured in knowing is that if one of us needs something, somebody in this family will be there! We’re primarily in Louisiana, Texas and California. The other thing that you will undoubtedly find is our faith in God. I so clearly remember my mom and Aunt Annie Mae in church service praising God with all they had. I remember all the times we went to church in Texas. I remember visiting Aunt Dessie’s church. I remember singing from the very bottom of my heart during service. The one talent that God has blessed me with is the gift of song and as He is my witness, I will use it to lift Him up. We still have our Sunday service at Holy Temple C.O.G.I.C. during family reunion.

Lately, I’ve found myself remembering and relying on the lessons Mama and my aunts instilled in me. As many of you know, my mom never made it past the 10th grade, but she will always be one of the wisest women I know. Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come from books. One of the things she often says is, “Don’t nothing stay the same always.” Everything has a time to end, whether that end is welcome or not. I am approaching the end of an extremely rocky period in my life. I am reminded of the infirmed woman and can’t help but see myself. I feel a change coming. I feel like I’m about to be lifted out of the ashes that have nearly smothered me at times. No one can say I didn’t fight the good fight because I know for a fact that I did. The thing is, I’m tired of fighting. I don’t have it in me anymore, and I don’t want to.

Where I stand now, I’ve heard Mama and my aunts talk about. Three of them have gone on, but they will never be forgotten. When I suffered the hemorrhage, I wasn’t able to go to my family reunion that year but I was blessed to talk to each one of my aunts that was there. My aunt Elester Mae got on the phone and told me to ask God to heal me, and to believe that He would, and it would be so. Guess what? I am nearly 100% healed. My aunt Mae Ethel told me to keep praying. My aunt Sugar Doll and my aunt Bernice repeated the very same sentiments. My oldest aunt, Adeline, told me to “shake loose and get myself together”.

I cannot stress enough that the winds of changes are blowing hard in my life. I don’t know where I will be a year from now, but what I do know is that I will be in a much better, much different place than I am now. I’m not speaking of death because I don’t believe that God pulled me from the brink of death that for me to leave without serving His purpose. Honestly, I don’t know what that purpose is, but I feel in my spirit that it is about to be revealed. Stay with me.


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