There isn’t a time that I pray that I don’t ask God to place me in the path of people who may need me (for whatever reason) and to also place people in my path who will bless my spirit. Today, He showed me, once again, that He will always guide you, if you’ll just pay attention.

Yesterday, I went to my doctor’s office, thinking my appointment was scheduled for 10:30. I rarely (very rarely) mess up on anything that has to do with a calendar. I wasn’t really upset because the office staff was so welcoming. Anyway, I went back today, at my scheduled time. I was taken back for the preliminary stuff (weight, BP, etc.) and then the nurse began to take my medical history. I told her about the emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder in 2008 and finally got around to telling her about the hemorrhage. She stopped taking notes, looked at me and said, “You know very few people live through that…”. I told her that I had been an adjuster for nearly 10 years, so I knew exactly what odds I had beat. We talked a little more about what could have caused it and for the first time, I admitted to someone else that it was purely stress. I then told her to the encounter that I had with the deacon from IBOC who transported me to ICU. He told me, in no uncertain terms, that most people he wheeled to ICU after a hemorrhage did not live, and that I better let go of whatever was causing my anguish. I was heavily medicated on morphine, but I understood every single word he said. I then told her of the treatment that Dr. Denning provided. She never took her eyes off me and when I was done, she rolled her sleeve up to show me that all the hairs were standing up. She proceeded to tell me that I had shaken her to the core with my experience.

Finally, my doctor came in. She listened to everything I had to say but was especially interested in the things that led up to my hemorrhage. When I was finished, the first words out of her mouth were, “Trease, you’ve said yourself that God pulled you from the brink of death. He didn’t do that so that you could start stressing again.” From there, she spoke as only a woman of God could speak. I was truly taken aback because no doctor has ever approached me like that. She knows of my insomnia, my anxiety and my worry but she chose not to prescribe me a sleep aid, an anti-depressant or anything else. What she did offer me was a deep, deep prayer that I felt deep inside my heart. Please understand that she did not step outside the medical realm in any manner and just ignore any glaring symptoms. All my blood work and lab tests were normal. Some were even considered excellent! What she suggested is that I make my way back into God’s arms and take refuge from the things surrounding me that are causing my sleeplessness and anxiety. She suggested what my mother instilled in me from the time I was a child: hand it all over to God and see don’t things turn out for the best.

I will return to her office in two weeks for the actual physical but I suspect that all will be normal. I am re-dedicating my life, my actions and my being to God. I stepped away from him. He never left me and He never will. I will stand and let him do His work.


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