Not A Happy Chick

Earlier today, I lost control when I shouldn’t have. I pride myself on maintaining control because in my career, its imperative and in life, it is essential. Ironically, the thing that made me absolutely livid is something I should have just completely removed from life instead of reacting to. In recent years, I’ve only lost it like that twice. Prior to that, I was a MAJOR hot-head, capable of making ANYBODY cry. Had I been pushed today, I would have gone back to that phase in my life.

It’s certainly not anything I’m proud of but it just goes to show, that satan walks this earth in the form of humans. I had just had enough. The good thing about my God is that He is forgiving. I most certainly had to seek repentance. I wasn’t necessarily ashamed but I won’t let that person impede on my space again. I won’t lie and say I’m still not bothered because just thinking about this person and his pure, horrid disrespect for others makes my stomach turn, but I won’t allow his ignorance to enter my space again. Good riddance!


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