A Hiatus From The Madness

Have you ever just wanted life to pause for a minute so you can catch your breath? I realize that life goes on, but sometimes, you just need a break. I am at that point.

The very things that landed me in ICU over a year ago, are plaguing me again. Stressors. I have become caught up in situations that are not mine to be involved in and have stayed too long in others. I have come to realize that if I stay in these deadly situations, I will die. My heath is once again failing. The most important person in this world to me is my son and if I don’t eliminate the toxic people from my life and remove myself from the sickening environments, I won’t see him graduate from Allen High. For that matter, I won’t see him enter his junior year in high school. I’m not going to let that happen.

I will practice what I preach and surround myself with people who love me. Not the kind of fake love that I’ve come to accept or that kind of vague love that I have to try to decipher. Nothing but realness and truth will be allowed in my space. Enough is enough!


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