Using What I’ve Got

I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of returning to school for many years now. There were times when the need to do so felt urgent – very urgent. That feeling of urgency, as it turns out, was not warranted. All things come at their assigned times.

All the way back in 1985, when I headed off to Grambling State University, I knew that I wanted to manage my own business. I knew then that I wanted to control my time and my money. I didn’t, however, have the discipline, direction or frankly, the motivation to pursue my own business. Eventually, I bought into the idea that the only way to make money was to work for someone else. Please don’t misunderstand, I am well aware that many people make an awesome living working for others. I was a Paralegal and a Claims Adjuster, so I know that the world of bonuses can be phenomenal. I also know that the hours you keep in the corporate world are not yours to determine most times. This is by no means a put-down to anyone who works in the corporate workplace. As a matter of fact, with the economy the way it is, WORK IS WORK. That is the beauty of living in these United States – we all have choices.

That being said, I have decided to pursue a business that I know works. Like some other things in my life, I’ve attempted to work this business before but failed before I even I started because I didn’t take it seriously. That, coupled with the fact that I had very poor leadership, made for a catastrophe. The one thing that I’m grateful for is that I had the sense to know that the failure wasn’t fully attributed to my director. Running a successful business requires dedication on the part of the entrepreneur. Its also helpful to have the support of those closest to you. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that support at that time.

On October 25, I became an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay. It took me a while to commit to the return; however, I know this time will be different. For the longest time, I refused to return to MK. There really isn’t a valid reason, so you won’t see me trying to create one. I look at NSD Gloria Mayfield-Banks and realize that this woman has an MBA from Harvard and has used that business sense to work her Mary Kay business into a multi-million dollar lifestyle. My former director in Denver has only a high school diploma, yet she used Mary Kay to build a million-dollar home in one of the wealthiest sections of Denver. Many women have tapped into the world of Mary Kay and are living the life they choose to live. My new director and my senior director are truly mentors and role models. Not only am I aiming to make them proud, I am out to prove what I am made of.

My decision to return to Mary Kay came after seeing women I know, personally and from online relationships, pursuing their dreams. Those dreams range from running a magazine, to building a career in writing, to creating their own cosmetic line. We’re all just making our own way. I believe that God will bless our efforts and put us over the top of any obstacles that may come our way. Truthfully, in the beginning, I only saw Mary Kay as a make-up company. Boy, was I wrong!! The history of this company is all the motivation a woman needs to push on, and NEVER give up! This company thrives on the principal that you can do ANYTHING! I believe that about myself now. I didn’t before. I fully believe that a woman feels good when she looks good. Again, this isn’t just about make-up or the application of same; this about earning at the level YOU choose to earn at.

I’m off to read some more about the process of having a successful business. See you at the top!


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