One Year Ago Today…

Dear Leah,

One year ago today, I received what would be the last email I would ever get from you. I knew you and I knew your habits very well so I should have known that something was amiss when I received that same chain email that you had sent me more than a year earlier. I put off responding to you and to this very minute, I’m haunted by that fact. You sent that email at 3:47 and I know you left out of that office at 5:00 on the dot as you always did. Just like you did every other Thursday, you went to get your nails done. You were so close to home – so close!

Because Cesar Acosta-Castillo chose to drink and drive that day, you’re no longer with us. I have never been the type to seek revenge because my faith is deep enough that I know God handles all vengeance; that doesn’t mean that I am not angry. My only wish at that time was that he be required to attend your funeral because he will never know what his actions did to so many people. He’ll never know the immense pain he caused because he chose to drink until he became a killer. His injuries were slight enough that he was released from the hospital. You died. For many days after the accident, I thought about how much pain you must have been in. Angie told me that the accident scene was horrific. I know that if you had survived but had been in a vegetative state, you would have been so unhappy, but selfishly, I would have taken you that way. I miss you so much sometimes I can’t even think straight.

I never told you about my hemorrhage because I know you have dropped everything to be here. That’s the kind of person you were. I wonder sometimes if Mr. Acosto-Castillo thinks about the fact that not only did he take a person who was a true girlfriend to so many, but a mother to Sheldon. I think about him so often. I know that he was the center of your life and you were his. I also know that you were raising him to be an awesome man and I know your parents are continuing that job.

You will NEVER be forgotten. Your spirit surrounds me in so many things I do. Even though I’m in Dallas, I think about you every single time I see The Corner Bakery. I think of you every time I see my boy play basketball because without that connection, we would have never met. Will believes you visited him. I believe you did, too. Nothing scary, just you watching over him.

May your spirit rest in peace.


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