Rebuilding Me

I’m sitting in my bedroom watching some stupid movie on what I promise, will be my last Saturday night sitting around with nothing to do. I live in a wonderful city and have plenty of friends around; in that light, I am going to begin living my life to the fullest.

In many ways, I’m angry with myself for sitting around waiting for things to happen when I should have been out *making* them happen. Whether I have a pocketful of money or a few pennies, I will find ways to enjoy this journey called life. I am still young but in so many ways, I have allowed myself to get old. Time’s up for that mess!! There is too much to do in the Dallas area and too much fun to have!



7 thoughts on “Rebuilding Me

  1. Girl……you must have been reading my mind. I have sat around all freakin summer long waiting for things to happen with my other half and do you think we did one freaking thing????? NO!!!! And to that I am pissed off. I like you am too young for this. I will be 45 in November and if I am not mistaken, that is still pretty young. Granted, he is working, but there needs to be some type of balance. I have sat here wondering why, what have I done, why is it like this, etc; girl, don’t even get me started. But you know what? It’s not even me. This is it for me. If I have to take up a movie by myself or go to Starbucks with my laptop, I will, or better yet, if I have to go to Happy Hour by my self, I WILL!!!! I have had it too! Look out Houston, HERE I COME!!!! Thank you so much for this Trease….I needed to hear this.


    1. Kiwanya, every single thing you’ve said describes me and my situation to a tee!! We’ll be discovering our cities at the same time because this waiting around is for the birds!


  2. I thought I was the only one going through what I call a mid life crisis, but I guess not. I too am taking classes because with my kids being grown and doing their thing and having gotten their college degrees, it is way past time for me to do my thing. No more sitting around sulking girl. It’s time to pick ourselves up a do what we have and want to do for us. Congrats on going back to get your Teacher’s Certification. I pray special blessings over you while you accomplish this goal!!! You made my Saturday evening!


    1. Tinahia, I get so mad at *myself* for wasting so much time waiting around.
      Nobody’s fault but mine. I’m sure that just like me, you ladies won’t be doing anything against your vows and commitments, but there’s too much living to do!! Go for it ladies!!


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