Watching And Listening To Her Go

Every single ounce of the woman that I am was tailored by my mom. As I grow older, I realize more and more just how phenomenal she is. She has struggled her entire life for everything she has. She made certain that all of us went to school, especially her girls, because she did not want us to depend on anyone for anything. She wasn’t afforded a high school education but she is the smartest person I have or will ever meet.

She is 80 years old now and talking to her hurts me to the core of my being sometimes. She asked me a couple of times today what day and date it was. I told her it was Friday and she then asked me what tomorrow would be. So many things are escaping her but she has many, many good days. I will do every single thing I can for her until there is nothing else I can do.

I could never ask for a better role model and can only hope that I will be as positive an influence on my child as she’s been to me.


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