This Christmas

My mother, sister and nephew are here along with my cousin and her two kids. Its been an eventful week to say the least!

Family is so precious and they must be cherished. My cousin and I are a mere four months apart in age (I’m the oldest) but life has dealt us two entirely different hands. I have been married once, for 16 years; she is twice divorced and suffers deep, deep depression. At this point, there is not much that I can do outside of praying for her because I have my own struggles.

This time with my sister is more important than anyone will ever realize. She will leave for Ft. Drum, NY next month and from there, will be deployed to Kuwait. I realize that she, as well as all other soldiers, must meet her obligation to her assignment, but my spirit is being pummeled. I pray that Ft. Drum will be her final destination but if she has to go on to Kuwait, I will lean on God to protect and keep her.

As Christmas 2009 winds down, I pray for a more cheerful holiday season next year. As much joy as I experienced seeing my family, I miss my friend Leah with a fierceness that I can’t explain. I will I could go back to the day that I received that last email from her and scream out to her, “I LOVE YOU!!!” but I know I can’t. I will never have the chance to tell her that I love her, but I pray that somehow, she knew.


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