A New Sense of Peace

By nature, I am a worrier. To be honest, that is what put me in the ICU on July 21. I vowed to myself and most importantly, to God that I would leave things in His hands. For the most part, I have done but worry popped up a few weeks ago that my sister is, without a doubt, being deployed to Kuwait.

We’ve been through this deployment things many times but never at a time so turbulent as it is now, and most definitely, not at a time when Mama’s health is so poor. As it stands now, I will have to go to Louisiana once a  month to help Mama with her bills because of underlying circumstances.

My constant prayer is that my sister, as well as the other soldiers, be shielded during this tour. I am leaving her in His hands. There hasn’t been a time yet when I’ve called on Him when He hasn’t done just what I needed Him to do.

Because of my roots, I do know that prayer in numbers has a profound effect. When my sister was deployed in Korea, she was told TWO WEEKS before she was to return to the states that her orders had never been put in and that she was not coming home. She called me in tears but that day, I became the “big” sister. I told her that there would be NO crying because the devil would enjoy that too much. I immediately called some members from my church in Denver, and my family in Texas. The call to Texas was the one that I knew would spread the word like wildfire. Long story short, the next day, they told her she would be sent back home but they didn’t know where.  She told them three times that she wanted to go to Ft. Polk so she could be near Mama; three times they told her there was no position there for her. She told them once more that she was going to Ft. Polk. The following week, they came to her and said that there was no other place to send her except to Ft. Polk! This is but one example of how God can work. Use this as a source of faith!


2 thoughts on “A New Sense of Peace

  1. God does work; we just have to let him do His thing. We’re always trying to fix things, and correct things. Lay it at His feet and He’ll take care of it 🙂


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