Talents and Gifts

So many times before, I vowed to used the gift of song that God has blessed me with but once again, I haven’t quite gotten around to it. I’ve known I can sing since I was in 4th grade and very quickly, my mother and father recognized this gift and put me before the church to sing. I remember vividly the applause and response I received. No one at school knew I could sing until my 10th grade year, when Jeanne Dickson, Leah Morton and I were sitting outside messing around. From that point on, I never missed a talent show, prom or any other event where I could perform.

My talent was swept under the carpet when I went to Grambling, mostly because I didn’t have the self-confidence to display it. From then on, its never been used to the extent that it was in high school.

Once I got to Denver, I displayed my singing ability at William’s fights and was even extended an invitation to sing at a Rockies game but declined it. Foolishness! I didn’t use it a lot at Joy Tabernacle, which would have been an excellent place to use it (for obvious reasons).

I’ve often said to my son that “if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it” and for the first time the other day, he asked me why I don’t use my talent. I couldn’t answer him because I don’t have a valid reason. There is absolutely no reason in this world I shouldn’t be using my gift to praise Him.

I have made many vows to God but this one is one that I WILL keep. My mission is to find the RIGHT church home in which I can do it for Him!


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